Design for Creative Workspaces and Planning: Case Study of the Culture Crawl in Vancouver

With the increasing presence of creative production, ranging from individual art practices to large-scale entertainment industries, it is of utmost importance to facilitate the development of sustainable arts networks not only to optimize creative output, but also to enrich the lives of local communities, and to provide for better]informed policymaking. The goals of the proposed research are: innovation in visual methodologies, and the support for creative work infrastructures through an interdisciplinary project, combining arts sociology, visual culture, geography, and media production. The research will entail visual analysis and documentation (audio], video], and photographic), in]depth interviewing, and mapping of artists and their workspaces in East Vancouver. Specific aspects of the research will look at how particular spaces shape artistsf work, how arts practices engage their immediate communities, and the development of arts practices at the micro level affect the development of the city at the macro level.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Jan Marontate


Laurynas Navidauskas


Vancouver City Savings Credit Union


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Media and communications


Simon Fraser University



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