Developing best practices for the utilization of Social Media tools by Social Enterprises and Non-Profits

The purpose of this research is to examine the use of social media tools such as blogs, social networks, forums and the organizations own website to understand how to best harness their power and influence to assist social enterprises and non-profits in achieving goals such as increasing membership/participation, brand awareness and creating a positive image. Best use will be determined according to factors such as site views and conversion rates in light of ease of implementation and cost considerations. The foundation of this research will be a case study of the organization Better The World and its associated charities. Based on this analysis, the intern will deliver recommendations for a social media and communications plan to attract certain demographics, achieve specific organizational goals, and outlining general recommendations for other non-profit organizations and social enterprises to best make use of social media tools.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Zhenyi Li


Kristen Petri


Better the World


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Digital media


Royal Roads University



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