Development of a organic infant food line using High Pressure Processing technology

Health Canada recommends that at six months of age, babies start consuming nutritious ironrich foods such as meat. These foods must be adequately prepared in order to be safe for consumption. However, preparation of homemade food is not always possible. This project aims to develop a line of baby food using high pressure processing (HPP), a novel technology that preserves nutrients but reduces microbes in food. According to Health Canada recommendations, nutritious ingredients will be selected and combined to reach six to eight formulations; the impact of HPP on the content of selected vitamins and on taste, odor, colour, consistency, pH and lipid degradation will be evaluated in featured formulations; the nutritional composition will be determined; and the amount of microbes will be measured. The expected result is the development of a food line that is nutritious and safe, thus appealing for consumers, and economically viable for the partner organization.

Faculty Supervisor:

James Friel


Maria Cristina Ribeiro Morales


Speakeasy Hospitality Group


Food science


Consumer goods


University of Manitoba



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