Development of a single photon detector with a femtosecond time gate.

Quantum interference is the reason why we see an interference pattern in Young’s double-slit experiment even when sending a stream of single particles (photons, electrons, neutrons, etc.). It is also closely linked to quantum decoherence, one of the biggest issues currently holding back quantum computers. IPL is investigating Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) processes related to quantum interference using high intensity lasers. To this end, IPL is currently developing an extremely sensitive light detector capable of counting individual photons (light particles). The project’s two main objectives are first, to finish the design and testing of a preliminary version of the detector, and second, to integrate this preliminary version into an engineering prototype. This state of the art detection system will uniquely position IPL in the competitive optical characterization market.

Faculty Supervisor:

Jean-Claude Kieffer


Nicolas Moreau




Journalism / Media studies and communication


Information and communications technologies




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