Fabrication of a 3 dimensional graphene/metal oxide composites membrane for water filtration

There is a demand in the market for an economical and efficient handheld seawater desalinator. The goal of this project is to develop graphene based membrane technology which will first provide a handheld personal desalinator and then be scalable to a higher flow rate single family point of use desalinator. In this direction 2 and 3 dimensional graphene/metal oxide composites membrane will be synthesized by using a low cost chemical method (Hummer) with the possibility of scale up. The size of the pores along the graphene oxide membrane will be controlled to a nanometer scale to filter the small sized Na+ and Cl- ions which are the most contributor of seawater contamination. Combining graphene oxide with metal oxide nano particles enhances the water desalinator capabilities thanks to the antimicrobial properties of metal oxide nano particles. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Shuhui Sun


Amir Hassanpour


New Plateau Technologies


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Natural resources




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