Hans Kai Trial: an Evaluation of a Peer-led Preventative Health Intervention

This project involves funding an intern who will work on the conduct of a on going clinical trial, including helping
with participant recruitment and data collection. The intern will also build a research database for the trials data to
be stored in and will assist in the input of the trial data into the database. The intern will also help the partner
organization, Norwest Co-op Community Health, develop guidelines and practices for collecting data about other
programs Norwest Co-op Community Health offers, to help the co-op in evaluating those programs. The intern
will also help publish results of the ongoing clinical trial, which is evaluating a peer-led preventative health program
called Hans Kai, that is offered by Norwest Co-op Community Health.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dylan MacKay


Jyoti Sihag


NorWest Co-op


Food science


Health care and social assistance


University of Manitoba


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