High Average Power – Frequency domain Optical Parametric Amplifier (HAP-FOPA)

The goal of this proposal is to make the most advantage of the recently developed technique of Frequency domain Optical Parametric Amplification (FOPA) by pushing this technology to unprecedented levels. The IP has been protected by the group of prof. François Légaré from INRS-EMT. The main inventor, Bruno Schmidt, has founded few-cycle Inc. to commercialize this disruptive technology in Canada. Prof. Légaré and few-cycle Inc. are the partners of the current proposal.
One particular aspect of this laser is its incredibly short pulse duration consisting only of few cycles of the electric field. The current state of the art of few-cycle infrared (IR) laser at the research level operate at average powers of a few watts. A commercial product is not yet available at IR wavelengths. The aim of this 1 year project is to increase the average power by one order of magnitude. 

Faculty Supervisor:



Few-cycle Inc


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Information and communications technologies


Université du Québec : Institut national de la recherche scientifique



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