Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and New Forms ofPolitical Engagement in Canada

Over the past three decades, there have been drastic declines in voter turnout and traditional political participation across North America, particularly among younger demographics. As young people increasingly move away from institutionally-driven practices, political participation is no longer only defined by voting in elections, volunteering with civic associations and town hall meetings but increasingly manifests through civic media – political engagement facilitated by digital tools. As civic engagement shifts toward greater use of networked and mobile communication, there is an increasing demand among government agencies, non-profits, labour groups, and businesses for research into how digital media is being used to empower citizens and make government more accessible. However, despite being increasingly central to political life, it is not clear the degree to which civic media and digital tools have an impact on political outcomes in Canada or the ways in which they can be improved to facilitated deeper efficacy. In partnership with national young engagement organization Apathy is Boring, the research internship paints picture of the digital engagement sector – analyzing how the sector is using digital media to constitute political public realms and providing critical insights to the future of digital grassroots politics in Canada. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Stuart Poyntz


Tara Mahoney


Apathy is Boring


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Management of companies and enterprises


Simon Fraser University



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