Innovation in Journalism and Academic Knowledge Mobilization: Changing Practices, Partnerships, and Economic Models

Journalism in Canada and elsewhere has been disrupted by changes in technology, in markets, and in people?s habits of news consumption. This disruption has been bad for business, and over one-third of journalists have in Canada lost their jobs in the last decade. It?s also been bad for public knowledge, as seen by the rise of fake news and misinformation. This project will examine whether journalism organizations can collaborate with academic institutions to address both challenges. Can such collaborations help address revenue or capacity problems that journalism organizations face? Can these collaborations generate high-quality stories that audiences enjoy, trust, and benefit from? And can they help universities make their knowledge more publicly accessible? TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Klein


Christopher Tenove


Discourse Media


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Digital media




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