Integration of Data Mining into a Homomorphically Encrypted System: Enabling COVID-19 Researchers to Discretely Mine Sensitive Data

Krate Distributed Information Systems Inc. (Krate) and Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SP) are developing an advanced encryption module that will integrate with the distributed computer platform of fellow startup Distributed Compute Labs (DCL). DCL’s distributed computer is already functional and in use by scientists and researchers across Canada. This module will equip DCL’s distributed computer with the ability to process encrypted data without ever needing to decrypt it. It will also allow data to be publicly yet securely stored, computed, and transmitted without needing to ensure that the involved devices are trustworthy and secure. These will be accomplished by combining technologies like distributed systems, ubiquitous computing, blockchain, and smart contracts with encryption and other techniques. It will revolutionize data management, analysis, and cybersecurity because it is capable of conclusively ending the crisis of identity thefts and data breaches, and it offers governments, health providers, and health researchers the ultimate system for processing Personally Identifiable Information.

Faculty Supervisor:

Terry Peckham;Susan Blum


Brennan Balaniuk;Michael Sabares;Kallista Lalonde;Tara Epp


Krate Distributed Systems Inc


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Professional, scientific and technical services


Saskatchewan Polytechnic



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