Internal Communication for Business Organizations

This project will explore the ways that businesses communicate internally, with their employees and other stakeholders. In order to determine what the current best practices are in terms of how to communication to employees, through which platforms or media, or using specific strategies, the intern will conduct a thorough review of academic and ‘grey’ literature (not quite academic and not quite popular, for example, business magazines). The intern will compile a report for the partner organization in order to help with their own internal communication best practices and product development. With the proliferation of communication technologies, and the amount of information available to employers and employees, understanding the best way to communication company goals, strategy, training, and more, to employees sets organizations apart from their competition, both for retaining skilled employees, and to best allow their employees to fulfill company goals in providing their products and services to customers and clients.

Faculty Supervisor:

Peter Chow-White


Philippa Adams


IC Thrive


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Information and cultural industries


Simon Fraser University



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