Journalism Product Innovation and Audience Engagement at The Conversation Canada

The Conversation Canada (TCC) is an independent news startup that specializes in short-form, evidence-based explanatory journalism written by experts in universities and curated by professional journalists. TCC is supported by a consortium of universities, agencies, and governments. News articles are freely available online and may be republished at no cost under a Creative Commons license. In 2018 The Conversation Canada published nearly 1,000 stories, and has around 1.3 million monthly views, two-thirds from outside Canada. Research will be undertaken to help The Conversation Canada to further develop impactful explanatory journalism by experimenting with new journalism products in three new formats: podcasting, newsletter, and long-form journalism. As well, analytics will be used to assess The Conversation Canada’s current audience. The focus will be on articles in The Conversation Canada’s section on Culture, Society, and Critical Race Issues.

Faculty Supervisor:

Charles Davis


Saniya - duplicate Rashid;Saniya Rashid


The Conversation Canada


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Information and cultural industries


Ryerson University



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