Mobile Field Analytics Integration

VeriGrain is in the agricultural automated sampling and data management business. By providing representative sampling of the harvested grain provides the grain characteristics for maximum profit, helps to determine the risk of spoilage and helps farmers eliminate downgraded and rejected loads of grain at the terminal. Currently the samples are taken at the farm and are sent off for lab analysis to determine the quality and characteristics of the grain. However, advancements in technology through spectral analysis provide the opportunity to move some of the lab analysis out to the field. This spectral analysis allows for the determination of moisture content, protein analysis, disease analysis to take place quickly in the field to allow the farmer to make informed decisions with each load of grain they are harvesting. This project will seek to integrate aspects of spectral analysis into the sampling and data management aspects of the VeriGrain system.

Faculty Supervisor:

Terry Peckham;Susan Blum


Simon Gilmour


VeriGrain Sampling Inc.


Journalism / Media studies and communication




Saskatchewan Polytechnic



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