New Analytical Approaches to Social Media Data

In general, market research agencies use surveys and social media analytics as different ways to explain customer behaviour. Vision Critical, a Vancouver software and market research firm, is currently testing how the two can be combined to generate new findings. While the company intends to offer this approach as a service, various important questions to be answered beforehand: for example, how can panelists’ activities on social media correlate with their responses to survey questions? Which factors or benefits motivate respondents to take part in social media integration studies? Analyzing results of past and upcoming pilot projects in SPSS, this project will address these points so that Vision Critical can extend its range of services with this new offering and effectively compete with other large agencies that offer similar social media features. The findings will be published in white papers and also documented in a project report for the Master of Publishing program at SFU.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. John Maxwell


Tilman Queitsch


Vision Critical


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Information and communications technologies


Simon Fraser University



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