Probiotics for improved carotenoid bioavailability: A double-blind, randomized, controlled trial

There is a simple way to have great skin, be more attractive, and improve one’s health, but most of the global population refuses to do it. Worldwide fruit and vegetable (FV) intake is below recommendations reducing the intake of yellow-red plant pigments that have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and anti-obesity properties. These plant pigments are called carotenoids and are largely stored in the skin. In fact, a yellow-red glow in the skin indicates FV intake, independent of race or tanning, and is correlated with improved attractiveness. Not everyone absorbs carotenoids in the same way, however, and the health and types of bacteria in the gut might account for a large portion of the differences in carotenoid absorption. This study was designed to determine whether the health of bacteria in the gut might have an influence on the absorption of carotenoids.

Faculty Supervisor:

Stan Kubow


Lucas Roldos


Rosell Institute for Microbiome and Probiotics


Food science




McGill University



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