Rotational Doppler shift with optical vortices in the backward-wave phase-matching process, as probe for improved vibration sensing – Year two

The rotational Doppler shift in the nonlinear optical process will improve the precision and resolution of the detection of the dynamics of an object, particularly the resolution of its rotational motion. The project aims at the design, realization and study of rotational Doppler shift based on the nonlinear interaction specifically tailored for the backward-wave phase matching. One of the applications of this novel technique is to improve the observation of nonlinear Doppler frequency shift and to allow the realization of a new, compact sensor, particularly suited for extreme and hostile monitoring environments. Therefore, the outcome of this project will aid the company to develop a new line of products and further their specific expertise in the development of sensors. In view of expansion to new markets with advanced technology and in order to stay ahead of competition with other companies QPS Photronics inc. will undoubtedly benefit from this project.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roberto Morandotti


Aadhi Rahim


QPS Photronics Inc.


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Advanced manufacturing




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