Rotational Doppler shift with optical vortices in the backward-wave phase-matching process, as probe for improved vibration sensing

Optical vortices have recently attracted great interest in many fields of scientific and technologi-cal research. The proposed project aims to experimentally verify the rotational Doppler shift in the nonlinear optical regime using optical vortices. The frequency shift sensed through optical vortices in the nonlinear interaction is expected to be proportional to the order of the optical vortex. We will apply this experimental demonstration to the design and realization of a proto-type for a high precision Doppler vibrometer, which will be used by the industrial partner to improve their line of sensor products. This nonlinear rotational Doppler shift mayfind applica-tions in, e.g., metrology, Doppler cooling and rotational Doppler spectroscopy. The proposed project relies on novel backward-wave phase matching (BWPM) condition and processes, which have so far not gained the much deserved attention in the nonlinear community, so that the pro-posed experiments may lead to applications in several other fields as well. Besides its practical applications, this project is also of fundamental scientific interest as it will provide the first ex-perimental study of the conservation of angular momentum and the observation of rotational Doppler shifts in the backward-wave phase matching condition.

Faculty Supervisor:

Roberto Morandotti


Aadhi Abdhul Rahim


QPS Photronics Inc.


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Advanced manufacturing




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