The Communicative Challenges and Implications of Quantum Computing Renewal

The industry partner 1QBit has access to a processor that uses an adiabatic annealing technique to address a special class of optimization problems for initial application in finance. Optimization problems have a long and broad relevance to challenges faced in the financial sector. The prospect of quantum annealing as a way to innovate in solving finance optimization problems has been an area of growing interest, though limited in practice due to the lack of suitable analog hardware. 1QBit is bringing together a group of researchers from physics, mathematics, computer science, engineering and finance to investigate the prospect of quantum annealing in financial applications. In this internship project, I will apply my research aims to trace the development of the diverse network that is being built to facilitate quantum computing, understand the communication challenges faced in interdisciplinary public-private technological production, and consider the implications posed by a quantum model of computing to theories of information and the material nature of communication.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Chris Russill


Derek Noon


1QB Information Technologies Inc.


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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