The Vape Mediascape: Youth, E-cigarettes, and Health Policy

A survey, comprised of 20 questions, and organized according to the following four categories/themes: 1) Patterns of use; 2) Perceived health risks; 3) Access to e-cigarettes; and 4) Exposure to cultural content (i.e. marketing and advertisements) will be distributed to a minimum of 100 students from grades 7-12 in the Ottawa private school system. The survey will also include attached images of e-cigarettes advertisements with open-ended questions to better grasp how survey respondents perceive e-cigarette ads. Ultimately, this research will probe the rhetoric around the use and cultural content of e-cigarettes and how it resonates with a number of youth, comprising of both public school youth and at-risk youth attending school in non-mainstream setting.

Faculty Supervisor:

Joshua Greenberg


Stephanie Ritter


United Way Ottawa


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Health care and social assistance


Carleton University



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