Translating a Quantum Computing Actor-network through Controversy

Quantum computing has emerged as a new paradigm of computation with potentially far-reaching consequences. However, this change in the form, abilities, and characteristics of computation has not been well studied or theorized in communication studies and related fields. This project draws upon Actor-network Theory (ANT) to challenge the assumptions about computation/computers found in current writing in communication studies and expand the use of ANT to a new and intriguing area of technosocial development. This is done primarily through an intensive ethnography of a quantum software company, which is studied as a “point of passage” in the emerging industry. This phase of the project focuses on interviews, day to day observation, and documentation practices of software engineers at the company.

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Chris Russill


Derek Noon


1QB Information Technologies Inc.


Journalism / Media studies and communication


Information and communications technologies


Carleton University



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