Understanding Real-time Particle Systems for Health, Entertainment and VR

The proposed research is a collaboration between Persistant Studios’ PopcornFX and SFU’s iVizLab to collaboratively work on ways to understand the processes involved in content creation using a real-time particle system. The iVizLab’s research focuses on using real-time visuals with the biodata from the users as one of the main interfaces to create affective systems that can intelligently interact with the users. In creating the visuals for the iVizLab, it is important to be able to create content that can be modified in real-time with the incoming data. The intern will be working closely with the partner organization to work on understanding complex design processes and to break them down into simpler components to better understand the involved processes. Further, the intern will be working on ways to document these processes and share this with the community of PopcornFX users in the industry and world-wide.

Faculty Supervisor:

Steve DiPaola


Ioana Sandor




Journalism / Media studies and communication





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