Use of temperature and activity monitoring system as predictor for parturition and diseases in transition cows

Monitoring dairy cows individually around the time of calving has the potential to identify calving difficulties or cows at risk of developing diseases as early as possible and to create alerts for dairy farmers. Therefore, there has been an increase in research investigating methods to accurately predict timing of calving and disease diagnosis via activity and temperature monitoring. Recently, a novel cattle activity and core temperature monitoring system that uses new sensor technology has been developed. The purpose of this proposal is to create opportunities to improve transition cow health by more accurately predict calving time and cows at risk for developing diseases.
Herdstrong is relatively small start-up, but with a very active R&D department and products in several operations and Universities particularly across North America. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Ronaldo Cerri


Janet Bauer


DVM Systems LLC


Food science





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