The Mitacs Accelerate Industrial Postdoc provides one, two or three years of funding – valued at $60,000 per year – for a postdoctoral fellow. This special initiative offers an enhanced leveraging opportunity for postdoctoral fellows. 

Postdoctoral fellows partner with a company or not-for-profit organization and build a longer-term research collaboration. 

Partner organizations gain a competitive advantage by adding a highly skilled member to their team while postdoctoral fellows apply their expertise to real-world problems and build business-ready skills. 

Postdoctoral fellows can complete projects for up to three years of funding and need to be within five years of PhD completion at the start of their project to be eligible for this Mitacs program. 

  Per year
Partner contribution $30,000
Total research funding  $60,000
Minimum postdoc stipend/salary $45,000
Maximum funds for research costs $15,000


How to apply

Interested applicants can apply for the Accelerate Industrial Postdoc Fellowship at any time.

  • Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible if they have previously held a Mitacs Elevate award.
  • Postdoctoral fellows are not eligible for fellowships at organizations where they have already been a full-time employee.
  • All other Accelerate program guidelines apply.  

Please contact your Business Development representative to get an application started.

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