Searching for Tasks: A Study on Online Searchability for Situated Action

The project is the start of a bigger vision to help improve ‘Employability in an ever-changing, global and digital economy.’ The Partner organization and SFU Communications lab has a larger vision for where we may take this innovation initiative over the long-term, however initial pursuits will start out to develop a better understanding through an applied research project to explore ‘just-in-time learning practices impacting employability’. The insights from this will start informing relevant modern-day learning frameworks, content types and channel delivery solutions that may be most valuable in securing employability in a fast-changing world. The insights from this project can also be applied backwards to inform teaching practices and frameworks at colleges and universities/ secondary institutions to become more agile / ‘just-in-time’ as well. TO BE CONT’D

Faculty Supervisor:

Frederik Lesage


Nicole Stewart



Journalism / Media studies and communication






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