The Development of Green Carbons from Biomass Torrefaction: Activated Carbon

B. W. BioEnergy Inc. has developed and characterized three major carbon samples from a renewable, cost-efficient feedstock, the Alder and Willow trees. B.W. BioEnergy Inc. has identified the need for facile methods of activating Torrified Alder tree biomass and probing the potential application of these biomasses to adsorb various industrial pollutants in the aqueous phase […]

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A comparison of the solvent extraction of betulin and betulinic acid from tree bark with a bark oil containing a complex mixture of compounds

B. W. BioEnergy Inc. produces high-quality carbon from renewable hardwood trees (birch, alder, willow and maple) in a patent-pending torrefaction process. The trees are debarked to produce the carbon which is 10-times more effective than commercial coconut carbon. Tree bark is a waste product and currently used to fuel the torrefaction process. Mi’kmaq and other […]

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Development of a novel processing method for stabilization, extraction and bio-refining of value-added functional ingredients from marine by-products for use in feed and food products.

This research will look to extract value from marine food processing by-products through development of green chemistry technologies, to generate valuable bio-products that may be used in a health prevention role in animals and humans. This will benefit existing food processors by addressing underutilized resources, add value in the partner industry and provide tools for […]

Read More Assessment of organizational behaviour modifications through the implementation of social media software to assess impact on best practices within work groups

The project will study organizational behaviour in various workplaces to analyze how user groups and individual employees perform before and after Phased task management software implementation. Areas of emphasis will include communication performance and efficiency improvement. The study will also evaluate staff understanding of the application, impacts on workplace performance and group cohesiveness, usability, user […]

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Application, efficacy and scale up of a novel extraction method for valorization of by-products of Ascophyllum nodosum extract processing

The industry partner is a producer of a successful seaweed based plant product used globally to improve plant growth. However, a large amount of waste byproduct, termed seaweed insoluble residue, is created as a byproduct of the production process. This residue has been found to contain a large amount of the original seaweed biomass. By […]

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